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This delicious limited edition homemade jam has been launched in collaboration with the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. We have pledged to donate half of the proceeds from the sale of this H.O.P.E. range as a donation towards a fundraising campaign to support this voluntary organisation.

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Homemade Chard & Ginger Jam


A hand and homemade artisanal product originally created for Gee’s Jams. Slow cooked with great care to ensure the full flavour of the rainbow chard is conserved. Ginger adds a nice kick. This can also be used as a marinade for meat and is a great accompaniment to any cheese platter. For those who want to explore new tastes and push the boundaries a little! What’s not to like?

Homemade Plum & Brandy Jam


This ‘jam of jams’ is homemade and hand-cooked in small batches using the finest natural seasonal ingredients. The summer version is made with gorgeous, golden coloured plums and is perfect on toast for tea by the pool! The winter version is dark and warm, perfect for those cosy evenings by the fire with a good book!

Homemade Red Pepper & Chilli Jam


Tickle your taste buds with this velvety jam made with sweet red peppers and flavourful red chilli. It is a versatile addition to sweet or savoury snacks, and you can just about add it to anything. Great as a marinade or ‘rub’ for pork, chicken, beef or fish to be cooked or barbecued.

Strawberry Jam


A new addition to the range, this homemade artisanal jam is created for Gee’s Jams from our local Maltese sun-kissed, strawberries between April and July each year. Slow-cooked with great care to ensure the rich, deep flavour and colour of the strawberries is conserved. You can’t make too much! A real family favourite!