We are proud to have contributed to ‘Ben LaFesta’, a celebration of love, life and the late and beloved Ben Laferla, which took place on 11th May at Pembroke’s BMX Warehouse. The following is an extract from an article raising awareness of the event which appeared on Lovin Malta on 1st May 2024. Geesjams contributed a number of jars of our award winning strawberry jam, with a label that featured a unique painting of Ben!! The jars were sold at the event and all proceeds went in aid of CLAWS Claws – C.L.A.W.S Malta (clawsmalta.com).

‘The feast of music and creativity will be donating the funds raised to CLAWS, the cat shelter. Ben’s love for animals, especially cats, is why Ben’s mother Fiona has decided to donate the funds raised to the cause.

“The idea started when a friend asked my sister how he can help me cope. She said, ‘Fiona wants to keep Ben’s memory alive’.  The first person I contacted was Ben’s friend Maya, and we met and brainstormed. The aim of the event was clear from the start – to help cats. The idea was to have artists, artisans and small businesses find a place to introduce their talents or products without breaking the bank. Obviously music has to be the main thing,” Fiona told Lovin Malta.

The event is open to all, and will include an array of live performances, vibrant stalls, artistic exhibitions and food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

“Ben was hands-down one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. We created so many memories that I will always keep close to heart, from the craziest conversations to the best nights out with all our friends. We always talked about planning parties together, so it’s a massive privilege to be planning this event in his honour,” stated his friend Maya.

While the minimum donation of €2 includes access to the stalls, €10 will also include access to the after party.

“The most meaningful part about the whole event is seeing how loved he was. Watching his friends work together with my friends is just so special. I want people to have hope. This is my hope and faith in humanity,” his mother added.’

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