Let’s help Harvey heal with your support! How difficult can that be?

Harvey is a three-year-old boy from Malta who has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This type of cancer affects the blood and bone marrow, and requires a long and difficult treatment plan. Harvey is currently undergoing the initial phase of a three-year treatment plan at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Treatment Centre in Malta. This treatment plan will leave him compromised for some time, but with proper care and support, Harvey will hopefully overcome this difficult period and recover fully.

Unfortunately, this journey is not easy. Harvey’s treatment plan at SAMOC is largely free however the family has to bear the financial burden of some of Harvey’s medical expenses and additional expenses such as an increased requirement for domestic sanitization, transport and a learning support assistant to help Harvey’s homeschooling. Harvey’s Dad, Darko has had to give up work temporarily to accompany him to his treatments impacting the families ability to generate income. This is where two local organizations, Gee’s Jams and The Mimici Foundation, have stepped in to help. They are raising funds to help offset the costs and help the family focus on Harvey’s treatment and recovery.


Both organizations seek to assist families and young people affected by cancer and other diseases in Malta. Together, these organizations are showing their support and compassion for Harvey and his family.

The fundraising initiative involves donations from the sale of jars of Gee’s Jams’ delicious Help Harvey Heal – Strawberry Jam and The Mimici Foundation, with proceeds going towards Harvey’s general expenses.The community has rallied around the cause, with many people expressing their willingness to help and support the family in any way they can.

While Harvey is undergoing his treatment, he will be more susceptible to illness and infection. This means he will need to be isolated and protected, and will not be able to socialize or attend regular school. This will put additional stress on the family, who will need to provide constant care for Harvey. However, with the support of Gee’s Jams and The Mimici Foundation, they will be able to focus on taking care of their son without the added financial burden.


Leukemia is a tough and difficult disease to battle, especially for a young child like Harvey. However, with the right medical treatment and support from organizations like Gee’s Jams and The Mimici Foundation, Harvey has a fighting chance to overcome it. The community has shown their support, and it is heartwarming to see how people can come together to help a family in need. Let’s hope that Harvey can recover fully and quickly, and that he can lead a happy and healthy life.

Donations can be made by using the following:

  1. Revolut tag @harveyhealing

  2. HSBC Bank Malta PLC / Harvey Healing C/o Samantha Minkovski – Ac number 058-176439-050 & Sort Code MMEBMTMTIBAN MT60MMEB44587000000058176439050

  3. By purchasing a jar (or two) of our wonderful strawberry jam from geesjams.com/shop.

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