There are times when you meet someone who changes your life.

That was the case in 2015 when my wife Becky and I met Brian. We needed to get in shape, so we joined a local boxing gym that was run by Brian’s brother, Iman. Until Covid stopped us, we did the 6 am shift twice a week and got in some of the best shape of our lives. 

Brian and Iman are cut from the same cloth. As they put us through our paces, we really got to see their distinct family ethic, centred on hard work and discipline. They are fit and strong, very likeable, and have excellent interpersonal skills. All of this, along with their coaching means they always get the best from their regular clients. If you live in Malta, you may already know about I & J fitness’ cult-like following! 

I first noticed Brian and his wife Alison’s kids Isaac, Len. and Jacob following The Grid, an obstacle course race Becky and I trained very hard for (and completed!) in 2018. Len and Jacob (now 10 years old) were fine-looking boys with short dark hair and the clearest of eyes. They obviously loved action, adventure, and excitement. 

Len and Jacob may look like other boys, but they have some very specific challenges and needs. Both were born with serious physical disabilities. Their coordination and motor skills have not developed like other children their age. Their day-to-day life is challenging, and there’s an ongoing impact on them, their parents, and the entire family.

But these boys are determined to get the most out of life!

With targeted physical activity and therapy, they can experience improved coordination and motor skills. Notwithstanding the effort involved in keeping them active and on top of their specific needs, Brian and Alison continue to do their utmost to access the right therapy. 

As you can well imagine, the investment in time and resources cannot be underestimated for this family. The past few years have been particularly difficult, and the pandemic has placed a strain on their employment and resources.

I was thrilled when I heard that a family friend had set up a fundraising page for Len and Jacob and I’m honoured to add to this effort. Gee’s Jams has launched a fundraising campaign in 2022 to help bolster Len and Jacob’s ultimate objective: to participate at the Paralympics and represent their country in the next 10 years! What an amazing goal for these kids!

Gee’s Jams is launching a limited-edition homemade jam to support the LEN & JACOB Wellness Fund. Our aim is to enable starter funding for the basic building blocks of instructor-led activities to be provided in 2022 and hopefully beyond. 

Gee’s Jams has pledged to donate all the proceeds from the sale of this LEN & JACOB Wellness Fund range till the target funding is achieved, as a donation towards a fundraising campaign to support these aspiring Paralympian’s. The fundraising target for 2022 is €6,760 (less than €20 per day) which covers an entire year of therapy, coordination, and motor-skills training.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way! I am totally captivated by Brian and his family’s ability to take the good out of life, to focus on the positives, and to push forward against the odds. They embody two characteristics close to my heart: ‘sport’ and ‘grit’ and through Gee’s Jams I look forward to supporting them.” Gerald Strickland, Founder of Gee’s Jams.

Please give to the Len & Jacob Wellness Fund by purchasing our LEN & JACOB branded red pepper & chilli jam! And let’s continue to send our best to these young boys who are aiming so very high.


  1. Dear Gerald,

    Jacob and Len are so happy & motivated by this noble gesture 💪🏼🦁🧡🧡🦁👍🏼 We as parents promise to keep guiding the boys in the right direction and help them achieve their goals!

    Thank You
    God Bless You and Your Family
    Brian and Alison

    • I’ve known Btian and Alison since I was a kid. I’ve always known them as humble but what they’ve been doing the past years proves their determination, energy, positiveness, perseverance and most of all love for their children. A true example! Keep up your good work and may God bless you all!

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