United to ensure no one goes hungry during the pandemic.

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A Maltese small business that produces an amazing range of award-winning artisanal jams and marmalade with the name Gee’s Jams has launched a fundraising campaign to help Foodbank Lifeline Foundation.

Gee’s Jams has launched a limited edition homemade marmalade named ‘H.O.P.E.’- after the Foodbank’s motto of Helping Other People Eat. Gee’s Jams has pledged to donate half of the proceeds from the sale of this H.O.P.E. range as a donation towards a fundraising campaign to support this incredible voluntary organisation.

During this past year, the pandemic has placed a strain on Foodbank Lifeline Foundation’s resources, as many more families struggle to feed their offspring. Without community support, such as Gee’s Jams ‘H.O.P.E.’ collaboration, Foodbank Lifeline would be unable to meet the demand of supplying non-perishables to people in society who find themselves in a short-term crisis situation.

“Tackling hunger locally by providing balanced foodstuffs to turn into meals for hungry and vulnerable people is a noble mission which has earned my support”, Gerald Strickland, Founder of Gee’s Jams

Please show your support for this initiative and help the Foodbank Lifeline make a difference. Everyone is encouraged to visit the Gee’s Jams website and buy a jar or more of their H.O.P.E. orange marmalade, and doing so, will be also donating to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation.

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