Marinating is a great way to intensify the flavour of food with just a few basic ingredients.

Ideal for either pork chops or a tenderloin, this chard & ginger-inspired marinade brings a plain cut of pork to a whole new level.

Pork is a meat that can generally benefit from a good marinade. It has a mild taste, and, similar to chicken, lends itself well to any type flavour profile, from sweet to spicy, in this case using ingredients like chard infused with ginger, lime juice and sugar.

Great as a simple weeknight meal!

Simply apply a layer of the jam to pork chops or a tenderloin and let the pork soak up the flavours overnight. There are a few tips to keep in mind to get the best-tasting pork with the right texture. Salt can actually cure the meat, leaving some cuts with a ham-like texture, but reducing the salt content in marinades used with pork can prevent this from happening. It is also important to keep in mind the thickness of the meat when marinating pork chops as this will help determine how long to marinate.

Plan on two to four hours for chops and thinner cuts, and up to eight hours for roasts and larger cuts of pork.

After marinating overnight in chard & ginger jam, I cooked this on the BBQ!

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