I often use either the red pepper & chilli jam or the chard and ginger jam as a marinade with meat and fish.

In this particular recipe I used pork ribs which I coated in a red pepper & chilli jam marinade.

Add a good dose of salt and pepper and leave to sit covered in the fridge overnight so that the marinade flavours permeate the ribs.

Place on your BBQ or in the oven and grill or roast until properly cooked!

Serve with simple greens… great flavoured meal to tuck into!

Homemade Red Pepper & Chilli Jam


Tickle your taste buds with this velvety jam made with sweet red peppers and flavourful red chilli. It is a versatile addition to sweet or savoury snacks, and you can just about add it to anything. Great as a marinade or ‘rub’ for pork, chicken, beef or fish to be cooked or barbecued.