Len & Jacob Wellness Fund – Red Pepper and Chilli Jam

Gee’s Jams has pledged to donate all the proceeds from the sale of this LEN & JACOB Wellness Fund range till the target funding is achieved, as a donation towards a fundraising campaign to support these aspiring Paralympian’s. The fundraising target for 2022 is €6,760 (less than €20 per day) which covers an entire year of instructor led therapy, coordination, and motor-skills training.

L & J jars purchased to date out of a target of 1,352
L & J funds raised out of our €6,760 target

Welcome to Gee’s Jams!

The home of award-winning artisanal jams and marmalades, using only the freshest, local produce. All our preserves are seasonal in nature and currently brought to market in small quantities depending on the time of year and availability of ingredients. If you navigate to – SHOP – and click a product, the website will show the current amount of stock for that particular product.

If a product is not currently available for purchase, please join our MAILING LIST to be updated as freshly made jams and marmalades become available.

H.O.P.E. Marmalade


This delicious limited edition homemade marmalade has been launched in collaboration with the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. We have pledged to donate half of the proceeds from the sale of this H.O.P.E. range as a donation towards a fundraising campaign to support this voluntary organisation.

6 x 100GR Jars – Gift Pack


A geesjams medium sized gift box with any combination of our award winning jams and marmalades! Try three of each & we’re sure you’ll come back for more! A lovely gift for that special him or her particularly if they are foodies…. don’t leave it too late as we make small quantities in any one cooking session depending on the fruit available!

Strawberry Jam


A new addition to the range, this homemade artisanal jam is created for Gee’s Jams from our local Maltese sun-kissed, strawberries between April and July each year. Slow-cooked with great care to ensure the rich, deep flavour and colour of the strawberries is conserved. You can’t make too much! A real family favourite!

Orange Marmalade with Ginger


One of three silver medalists at the World’s Original Marmalade Awards. A zesty seville orange melody with a subtle hint of ginger essential oil will delight the palate of connoisseurs. Tender and generous thin cut peel with a luxurious spreading texture.

Homemade Gin & Tonic Marmalade


Add some zing to your breakfast with this GOLD MEDAL award-winner. The F. Scott Fitzgerald of marmalades, lovingly prepared for grown-ups with a refined palate. Leaves a refreshed aftertaste, wanting more. This might be one you will not want to share.

Orange Marmalade with Turmeric


A World’s Original Marmalade Awards – Gold Medal winner. A divine seville orange melody with a hint of turmeric essential oil will delight the palate of connoisseurs. Tender and generous thin cut peel with a luxurious golden shine. One to remember!

Homemade Orange Marmalade with Aperol & Prosecco


Awarded a Bronze Medal at Dalemain World’s Original Marmalade Awards. Fine orange flecks floating in an orange-red gel. This is a marmalade of the smoothest consistency! Orange, aperol & prosecco make a very happy combination. This has a bright mouth-watering tang!

Orange Marmalade with Cardamom


One of three silver medalists at the World’s Original Marmalade Awards and developed from the influence (on our chef) of an interesting Middle Eastern coffee ingredient! This is a seville orange marmalade with cardamom essential oil. It will delight the palate of connoisseurs. A translucent, golden colour with tender, generous thin cut peel.

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